In the fierce competition of thousands of businesses in the same field, after a journey, continuously standing in the ranks of the classy and luxurious architectural and design units, Nguyen An Architecture Company has been concluded:

  • Nguyen An Architecture is a prestigious and quality partner in the construction industry in Vietnam, especially in Khanh Hoa province.
  • Nguyen An Architecture is confident that the company has strengths:
    • Deploy design, construction works, projects
    • Interior and exterior works
    • Apply for construction permit

The values ​​created are in line with the principles set by Nguyen An right from the beginning of the establishment to provide quality and safe products and services.

Ten years for the journey of formation and development – Nguyen An Architecture asserted itself through the choice of customers for major strategic projects of the region.

And that position was created by people and culture named Nguyen An. That is from the staff at the beginning of the establishment, up to now, those names in the staff ranks are the team of qualified architects, engineers, project managers. They, in any position, any department – administrative personnel, accounting department, financial management department, or design department are people who are always aware of promoting high sense of responsibility, ready to receive challenge, never stop looking for opportunities

Promoting the spirit of dedication and responsibility from the office to the construction site of Nguyen An employees is no different because this is a place where every individual appreciates talent and works in a scientific environment. with an information exchange system to ensure that all employees have easy access to and use of information necessary for business activities.

At the same time, the income level commensurate with the contribution, the rewards according to the revenue of the construction work completed on schedule … is also the motivation for employees to promote their capacity, to devote efforts.

The growth of a business truly reflects the competence of its staff there. And with the policy of always for the development of workers; Nguyen An has built a management team, technical staff; specialized and experienced workers’ groups meet the high demands of partners.

From here, with a solid foundation of people and investment value along with the confidence affirmed through large projects – Nguyen An is confident to reach out further in the field of high-rise construction, villas, townhouses under projects nationwide.


Nguyen An Architecture is committed to quality policy through the following:

The company recruits and trains a team of highly qualified and qualified architects, engineers and project managers to ensure compliance with the company’s quality policy during project implementation.

Cooperate with reputable suppliers and subcontractors and construction capacity. Strictly control the supply of high quality construction materials and technical materials of clear origin to meet the needs of investors.

Constantly improving the quality management system, compliance and strict control of construction works with technical measures, labor safety, environmental sanitation and measures to avoid risks.

Organize training courses to improve professional knowledge for the management team and construction personnel.

Comply with applicable laws and industry standards.

Efforts to implement the commitment of quality, progress and safety of the work.


Sustainable Works” is the operating criteria of Nguyen An Architecture. Taking quality reputation as a measure of brand value, we are committed to providing customers with products that meet quality standards, on schedule and safely at competitive costs.