Unique villa in Ho Chi Minh City: All wood in the fire is not burning, bullets are not punctured

The highlight of this villa is many structures, the interior is made of Tek wood imported from Africa – a precious and beautiful wood with excellent fire resistance, puncture-proof bullets.

For the majority of Vietnamese living in the city, a nature-friendly living space seems like a distant dream. Because of the increasing urbanization rate, the green space is greatly reduced.

At this time, the role of the architect becomes extremely important. They must create a sense of space, nature and natural beauty right from the house, turning narrow space into an open space with simple design without losing the closeness to the owner.

In Buddhism, Nirvana (Nirvana) is the highest state of peace and liberation that one can attain. It is also the idea of British architect Eric Trotter when designing this house for his family in Vietnam.

The first moment when opening a large wooden door into this villa is the living room area with high ceilings.

The viewer will be overwhelmed by a nicely designed living space with a large sky, a sliding door design, bringing natural sunlight to the space inside the house.

This villa is designed as a twin tower, connected by a long staircase corridor. Any place in these two twin towers can overlook the sky area full of natural light.
The villa consists of 6 bedrooms. The difference is that all rooms enjoy the natural sunlight from the skylight area that allows the house to circulate natural air.

Every detail in this mansion is incredibly meticulously made …

Part of the floating bricks on the walls are old bricks purchased by the owner from hundred-year-old houses and hired experts from Hue to cut and sharpen each stone for several months.

Only 3 flowers in the lake bed in the sky area are meticulously cut into small pieces of ceramic and put together for more than 2 weeks to complete. Background bricks are also imported from Italy, have grip and are not slippery.

From design to completion, the house was built continuously for 16 months.

The house is installed with all intelligent systems, voice and face recognition. The system is directly connected to the phone of the landlord and the ward police. When a stranger enters the house, the system automatically alerts the owner to the phone or to the police.

All the wood used in the house: from the door, stairs, dining table to the wardrobe is made of Tek wood imported from Africa – a precious wood with a beautiful pattern, not bent, cracked , have excellent fire resistance and puncture-proof bullets.

The closet is individually designed with bedroom and has a huge capacity. To create space behind, each bedroom has a balcony planted with trees.

The outdoor pool is designed in Balinese style with entertainment area, sitting at the pool for children.

The rooftop terrace is an area for outdoor BBQ with a capacity of about 20 people.

Right in the largest room of the host is an open-air bath. This is the only weakness that is being modified by the owner by installing stained glass imported from the US to prevent the view from outside while having a bath.

According to architect Eric Trotter, owner of this mansion: The house is designed in Italian architecture both classical and modern. The total usable area is 750 m2 (real area 230 m2). Columns and beams are cleverly hidden in the wall.

KTS Eric, born in England, has 20 years of living and working in Singapore, which is why he understands Asian culture very well. This villa is also greatly influenced by the feng shui concept of Asians.

During 20 years of working in Singapore, Bali and Vietnam designed luxurious works for the resost, hotels, villas … but never had a duplicate design.

The most joy of Eric and his wife is to be praised by his friends when he comes to play.