With the continuous development speed of modern society, the land fund in general and residential land in particular are gradually becoming limited and difficult to own. At this time, interior design of a simple but convenient 50m2 apartment is the top solution for many families wishing to live in urban areas with limited budgets and limited land.

This type of apartment is very suitable for newly married couples, families with few members (3-4 members). However, with such a small living area, the interior design so neat, scientific, meeting all living needs for family members is not easy. Understanding that difficulty, Nguyen An Architecture is pleased to offer some solutions when designing the interior of a small apartment of 50m2, helping you own a modern, comfortable and aesthetic living space in the article below.

Interior design of a small apartment of 50m2 needs to ensure the harmony between the interior details and the overall house, must be designed by the architects as minimalist as possible. Do not choose the furniture size too large, will make the already small space becomes cramped, urgent. The top priority must be smart furniture to perfectly save the area and bring the most convenience to your apartment.

Although only a small apartment of 50m2, but not so that feng shui becomes unnecessary. Feng shui is an extremely important factor, affecting the vitality of the homeowner. Only feng shui fusion brings prosperity, happiness and money to the family.

Experience in interior design of small and luxurious apartment 50m2

Interior design of living room

The living room can be considered as one of the most important rooms in your house because it is not only a daily reception place but also a place for family members to gather, talk and have fun with. together. Youthful modern style will be most appropriate. This style is characterized by rectangular shapes, pieces, emphasizing minimalism, will bring a sense of open living room, airy and gentle for your home space.

Interior design bedroom

Bedroom is a space to help family members to rest after a series of hard days and hard work so designing a 50m2 apartment is also essential. Furniture should be smart furniture, integrating many functions, such as an integrated bed to prevent shoes, clothes, … to be able to save the maximum area of the room. In addition, homeowners should use white or bright colors to bring an open feeling to the bedroom space and make the most of natural light by designing wide windows with thick curtains to Heat stress.

Interior design kitchen

Small apartment 50m2 surely kitchen space will not be comfortable. Homeowners should design the kitchen adjacent to the living room and can be separated by a wooden shelf decorated with vases, small plant pots or a bar table design is also a good idea. Besides buying furniture such as tables and chairs, kitchen cabinets, kitchen tables, racks, chopsticks, knives, etc. is also necessary to provide a well-ventilated space for your kitchen.