The 19m² house has almost no drawbacks

The house, named Love House, is located in the Bunkyo area, the entire space is 31m² but is designed with a garden in front of the entrance. Remaining floor area is 19m² wide.

Hosaka and his wife moved to the city after living in Yokohma for 10 years. While working at Waseda University of Art and Architecture in 2015, he decided to move to Tokyo and buy this small piece of land.

Loving the principles of ancient Roman villa architecture, a house named Love House was born.

In that limited area, Mr. Hosaka still found many interesting ideas to create a beautiful house for the couple.

Daily life is always full of comfort and comfort with full of functional areas such as eating, reading, resting …

The house also contains beauty from Scandinavian style. The space is filled with natural light with many transparent glass windows.

In addition, Mr. Hosaka wants to design the roof that mimics the curvature of the sky.

Therefore, in the winter or summer, the skylight inside the house “works” effectively, bringing bright light to fill every corner of space like a house built in a tropical country.

The inside roof is cast reinforced concrete, the outside is covered with galvanized aluminum panels. That is also an interesting reason to keep the space cool in the summer and cozy in the winter.


The height of the ceiling is not fixed because the roof is inclined to make the functional areas of the small house more spacious.

The house is the dream of many people.

When the door is opened, the intimacy of the interior layout combined with the garden, the outside trees make the small house still attractive and eye catching for anyone even for the first time. have a chance to see.