3-storey House Made From Containers

US-Will Breaux has built a house, a total area of ​​232 m2 from the stacked containers.

This house is located on a street on the edge of Houston, Texas, USA was made by Will Breaux, a designer for himself. He cherished the idea since 2000 and thanks to some architects for help. However, their designs did not meet Will’s wishes, so he did it himself.

No knowledge of construction, Will spent a lot of time learning. Since 2011, Will has started drawing 3D house designs. Will chose the container because of saving money, fireproof, anti-storm, durable …

In just one day in 2017, Will hired a crane to load 11 blocks of containers onto each other. From there, he spends 3 days a week making every detail in the house. Only now has he finished the first and second floors. This is currently Will’s living space.

The 3rd floor is only for the main door, floor windows and a parrot breeding ground. Will still need more time and money to complete the project.

On the outside, Will’s house is weird, but inside it is quite modern and beautiful. “I had an idea and knew roughly what it looked like. I use 3D to make it come true, just like my dream, ”he said.

Because of this unique structure, the house has attracted a lot of online attention and photos of it have spread over the past few years. This is considered the largest container structure in the world. However, Will Breaux does not mind the attention of people. “I built it for myself, not for anyone else,” he said.