Designing a mini hotel needs to follow many standards. Both the investor and the design and construction unit need to adhere closely to maximize the value of the project.

Mini hotels are an excellent choice for mid-range customers. Reasonable price service affordable to meet demand. With enough features to meet the rest space, but not too restrictive. Mini hotel business is extremely potential with high profitability.

The purpose of designing a mini hotel

Designing and constructing mini hotels with the purpose of accommodation, accommodation and dining for tourists. Only with a moderate area. From 100m2 of land with an facade of 8 to 10m, it is possible to design and build a beautiful mini hotel with enough functions.

Architectural design mini hotel exterior

With a special place to serve visitors to rest and stay, all designs must show the style, beauty and imprint of the project owner. If you design a mini hotel with a unique architectural style, new compared to the surrounding buildings, it will surely create an impressive impression for visitors. Caught them attention, curiosity to learn and explore the design of this hotel model. Therefore, to attract tourists to choose their hotels, investors need to consider and calculate carefully before choosing the appropriate design style. If possible, try cleverly combining a mix of local culture, products or specialties. This will be a big plus for the hotel business to be more efficient.

Standard design and interior decoration of mini hotel

Typically, the interior is the standard and extremely important factor to evaluate the quality of each hotel’s service. Therefore, the interior design investment in mini hotels must invest from decorative materials, to the color must be vivid and synchronized design.

Good quality, reasonable decoration style, harmonious colors, good performance and must be synchronized with the service.


1 reception.
Wireless Internet system (wifi).
Phone, computer.
Door system is conveniently located.

Bedroom and restroom in the bedroom:

1. Sleeping room should have:

  • Single bed 1 m x 2 m (for single room); Double bed 1.6 m x 2 m (for twin beds).
  • Blankets, pillows with cover.
  • Sideboard or nightstand.
  • Wardrobe for clothes hangers.
  • The telephone is accompanied by a number instruction.
  • High-speed wireless internet (wifi) or high-speed cable system (internet cable).
  • Power outlet is installed safely.
  • Mirror, window blinds enough to be bright.
  • Sufficient lighting.
  • Tables and chairs, drinking glasses.
  • Trash bags.
  • Air conditioning system.
  • Television.
  • Slippers.
  • Decorative paintings and vases
  • Eyes mounted on the door, doorbell and safety latch.

2. Restroom in the bedroom:

  • Walls are made of waterproof material.
  • Safety socket
  • Washbasin with pedestals.
  • Mirror.
  • Hot and cold water faucet, shower.
  • The septic tank has a movable faucet next to it.
  • Toilet paper, trash can with lid.
  • Ventilation equipment.
  • Personal items for a guest: cup, soap, towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel.